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Why you should work with our API

Simplicity API


Request API enables blockchain interactions as easily as it gets. No need to manage complex contracts or gas fees.
Scalability API


Our API batches requests automatically, allowing your business to scale without growth headaches.
Security API


Request is built on top of Ethereum. Data related to requests can't be changed by third parties, or even by us.
How do you plan to use Request?

Offer new payment options to your customers

Accept crypto payments from your customers on your shop or platform by integrating our API.

Customers pay you from their wallets in a cryptocurrency of your choice. You don’t have to worry about managing sensitive payment data or monitoring blockchains for the status of a payment.

Issue hundreds of invoices, secured by the blockchain

Create invoices denominated in fiat or crypto at scale as part of your workflow, using our crypto payment API.

Issue thousands of invoices that are secured by the blockchain and share them with your customers. Invoices can be issued using your own layout or use our pre-defined layout, if you’re just starting out.

Request developer integration example
How do you plan to use Request?

Automate every step along the lifecycle of your receivables

We follow the activity on more than 10 blockchains, 150 cryptocurrencies and offer 9 different statuses to keep you in the loop about your invoices.

Know once your own crypto invoices has been paid, send payments reminders automatically or build a tool for your customers to track their own invoices. The choice is yours.

Some use cases from our users

RealT Logo
RealT uses Request Finance API to create payment requests (as invoices) and get payment status whenever investors buy real estate assets.
Cryptio Logo
Cryptio uses Request Finance to allow its user to sync their invoices to their crypto accounting system for transaction level reporting
Cryptoworth reads their users' invoices to maintain a clean accounting. Users can trigger actions on Request Finance (like cancelling an invoice) directly from the app.

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