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Why you should develop with Request Finance API

Request Finance API brings a variety of protocols and systems together. Find out how we combine their strengths.

Simple to use

Request API reduces the complexity of interacting with the blockchain. No need to manage different contracts, specific libraries, and gas (the calculable fee for every operation carried out on the Ethereum network). Request API enables blockchain interactions as easily as any other SaaS, through HTTP APIs.


Request ensures privacy and GDPR compliance. Data regarding requests is encrypted and safeguarded using elliptic-curve encryption. And while all data is saved in a public blockchain to prevent interference, it can only be read by the parties involved in the request.


With every new version, Request can handle more and more invoices per second. That's because the bulk of the data is saved on IPFS instead of on the blockchain. What is stored on the blockchain is the hash (the proof of the data). That way, it can't be modified or manipulated. Invoices are batched and added to IPFS in bulk, which enables high throughput.


Request is built on top of Ethereum, safeguarding security. Ethereum has been around the block for years, has seen intense usage, and remains secure. It ensures that data can't be changed or deleted by governments, third parties, or even by us. In addition, data exists on each node, so it can't just disappear. It's safe from the passage of time and tampering alike.

Some use cases from our users

RealT Logo


RealT uses Request Finance API to create payment requests (as invoices) and get payment status whenever investors buy real estate assets.
Cryptio Logo


Cryptio uses Request Finance to allow its user to sync their invoices to their crypto accounting system for transaction level reporting
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Cryptoworth reads their users' invoices to maintain a clean accounting. Users can trigger actions on Request Finance (like cancelling an invoice) directly from the app.
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