Efficient financial management with various access levels

Add team members to your account and customize their roles and permissions, ensuring the utmost security for sensitive data.

Role-based access control

With the roles and permissions you can choose your team members access rights
providing them the controls and information they need.


Separate personal accounts from your company accounts and keep things organized for a better financial management.


Each team member can focus on the task that’s relevant for their work, avoiding mistakes and overlapping in work.


Request is built on top of Ethereum. Data related to requests can't be changed by third parties, or even by us.

4 access levels for all your needs

Get to know the 4 roles available and assign each team member accordingly.


Track and manage all payments flows.
Carry out all necessary financial set up of the account.
Manage all team members' permissions.

Financial Manager

Pay bills, payroll and expenses.
Access and manage invoices and outflows.


View and track invoices inflows.
Approve payments requests.


Access the account payments data.
Collect and export documents for company accounting.

Upgrade your account today and get started for free!

Managing your crypto & fiat financial operations has never been that easy.

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