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Request Invoicing

Unlocking compliant cryptocurrency flows

In 2020, the Maker Foundation decided to move all their financial flows to one platform. Their goal: move to one easy-to-use, elegant invoice solution for all in- and outbound payments.
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Helping consumers who want to transact with crypto

How Request Invoicing has helped streamline their finance operations, and allowed the Web3-native company to better serve customers who want to transact with crypto.
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We asked our customers how their work improved after using Request App.

Executive Assistant

“Thank you so much for your help, we have already had a few of our contractors upload invoices and said how smooth the process was”

FANTOM I michael

“The team at Fantom Foundation used to spend many hours a month just on managing and accounting for crypto payments. With Request, we now spend only far fewer hours processing almost US$100k in payments monthly, and we anticipate that this number will go up.”

Head of Operations

“We love using Request because it just makes the whole invoicing process more efficient for all the parties involved while ensuring the accounting compliance set by our auditors.”

Head of Community

“Request Invoicing improved our cross-organization communication by giving us more transparency into payment statuses. On top of that, email updates ensure invoices are automatically followed up – a time saver for us!”

Accounting Department

“Using Request for crypto invoicing and integrated crypto payments feature has made my job so much easier! It also keeps all my invoices in one place instead of cluttering up my inbox. 100% recommended!"

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