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Learn how Near simplified their crypto invoices using Request Finance

We spend  less time dealing with crypto invoices sent with the wrong information. It has  improved the security of our crypto payment processes. We can easily see the names and contact details of who we are paying to, instead of having to copy-paste long strings of wallet addresses.

David Norris
Head of Finance
Read Near use case

Learn how The Sandbox simplified & automated
their crypto payroll with Request Finance

Other solutions we saw didn't have all the functionalities we needed, like batch payments and integration with multisig wallets like Gnosis

Sebastien Borget
COO, Co-founder
Read Sandbox use case

Learn how Subspace simplified their crypto expenses management using Request Finance

Our crypto payments history can be exported in a single keystroke for analysis and preparation of tax and financial statements.

Jeremiah Wagstaff
CEO, Co-founder
Read Subspace use case

Learn how OpenZeppelin simplified their crypto payroll using Request Finance

We have realized a significant reduction in time spent on crypto payroll and contractor payment processing – about one full day per month. Furthermore, it has enhanced our capability to monitor our crypto payroll history, providing improved transparency and oversight.

Jaime Barriga Amin
VP of Finance
Read OpenZeppelin use case

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