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It just takes a few minutes to send a compliant and professional invoice in fiat or crypto currency.

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Request Invoicing

Request Invoicing
‍‍‍is made for freelancers

Save Money

There are no subscription fees.

The only cost comes from crypto payments: 0.1% capped at $2 per transaction.

Save Time

We’ll take care of the invoicing process for you.

So you can do what you do best: delivering high quality work to your clients.

Be Confident

Encrypted data, peer-to-peer transfers, compliant documents & no more copy/paste of blockchain addresses.

Get the peace of mind you deserve.

Choose Freedom

It's no secret:
banks don't like crypto...

Join Request. Go DeFi. Take back control of your finance.

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You are a real part of Request!

Our support team answers questions in minutes & you can vote for the next feature you want to see in Request Invoicing.

Request Invoicing
‍‍‍is tailored to your needs

Any currency

Our software is built to be compliant with every crypto.

Client address book

Your client information are automatically saved so you don't need to fill the same business details twice.


The invoiced amount is denominated in regular FIAT currency. Whereas the payment can be fulfilled in crypto.

CSV export

Be able to import all your invoices & payments into your favourite accounting software like Xero.


Use the visual dashboard to quickly see the status of all invoices.


Put money on hold for a work in advance.

Fiat & crypto payments

Accept both crypto and fiat payments from your clients


Easily send your business information with your suppliers, so they can invoice you in a few clicks.

Payer reputation system

 Keeps track of who pays on time, too late or missing.

Peer-to-peer transfers

No middleman, you send or receive funds directly.

Priority support

Our team answers your questions in minutes.

Professional design

Generate invoices that look & feel professional.


Export any paid invoice issued in PDF format as a downloadable receipt.

Recurring invoices

Set your invoices with a regular client to occur and be sent out periodically.

Update notification status

You know in real time everything about your finances.

Vote for next feature

You have the power to impact our products.

Trusted by 1000+ businesses

We work together with leading organizations in DeFi to create a seamless financial experience.

Request Invoicing

Creating your
Request account

🕒 Estimated time: 1-2 minute(s)

Registering an account can be done by following this link:

After successfully signing up, you will receive a verification mail to verify you have access to the email address you’ve registered your account with.

Setting up
your account

🕒 Estimated time: 2 minutes

It’s time to set up your account. This is done once and the information you fill in here will be automatically used on your next issued invoices.

You can always amend the information you fill in during this step at a later stage, under the settings tab.

Creating a digital
currency invoice

🕒 Estimated time: 5 minutes

After setting up your account you will be taken to the dashboard of Request Invoicing, which will now show a clickable button to create an invoice. Click on this button to get started.

Before you continue: You will receive the payment of your invoice directly from your client – no middleman. Be sure to double-check and fill in this information correctly, especially the wallet address. We won’t be able to help recover your funds when sent to an address you don’t control.

Paying an

🕒 Estimated time: 2 minutes

When you are on the receiving end of a digital invoice issued through Request, you will be able to pay the invoice by following the video guide below.

Request Invoicing supports payment with the majority of mainstream cryptocurrency wallets, such as MetaMask, Fortmatic and any wallet that supports WalletConnect, including multi-sig wallets such as Gnosis Safe.

Export, duplicate
& more

Request Invoicing offers additional features for advanced users, such as exporting (a selection of) your invoices as .pdf & .csv files and re-using invoice templates by duplicating them.

Looking for other advanced features we're not yet supporting? Please let us know, so we can create them for you.

Request Invoicing

No monthly or annual subscription fee. Use any product and feature available in the Request Finance.

The payer is only charged 0.1% fee capped at $2 per transaction, plus the network fee.
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Free. No CC required.


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In progress

  • Payment Streaming
  • Pay salaries
  • InvoiceMe 2.0
  • API for builders
  • Escrow

Up next

  • Partial Payments
  • Compound Interests
  • Integrate with Quickbooks
  • Visual invoice Dashboard
  • Referral loop 2.0
  • Delete your account

Managing your crypto transactions has never been that easy.

Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use Request ?

Using Request will always be subscription free.

The only cost incurred will always come from crypto payments. All the other products and features are free.

At the time of payment, the payer will pay the Ethereum gas fees (used to send the funds) and the Request Invoicing service fee. The Ethereum gas fee is variable depending on how busy the network is at the time of payment. It is not collected by Request.

The Request Invoicing service fee is 0.1% of the total amount requested in the invoice, with a maximum fee of $2 per invoice.

Example: An invoice issued through Request Invoicing of $3,000 will be charged 0.1% of the invoice amount, which if there was no maximum cap is $3.00. Because of the maximum cap, the service fee that is charged is $2.00.

What currencies can I use in Request?

All currencies which are currently supported by Request can be found here.

What information should I include on my invoice?

When issuing an invoice, you need to be aware of all local and national requirements for your invoice to be compliant. This varies, but a general rule of thumb is to include your name, business name, legal address and tax number.

For more specific guidance see the following resources:
European Union
United State of America

How do I receive digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) for my business?

In order to receive cryptocurrency, you need a wallet address. These wallet addresses are unique addresses (consisting of letters and numbers) that allow you to manage your funds.

You control your wallet through an application, just like the online banking app you use now.To accept ETH, DAI, USDT and other ERC20 tokens, you will need an Ethereum address. For beginners, we recommend using Coinbase.

To accept BTC, you will need a Bitcoin wallet address. We also recommend using Coinbase.

Once more familiar with handling cryptocurrencies, we recommend moving your funds off exchanges and keep them on a wallet that you own the private keys to. Here is a helpful guide on how to do this.

How do I pay an invoice?

In order to pay an invoice, you need to use a wallet that has Web3 capability with enough funds to cover the payment amount requested.

Web3 is the new generation of technology that empowers the individual over the institution through decentralization. When managing your finances, you can think of your Web3 wallet as your online banking app -- but without the bank.

Not sure which wallet to use? Here is a helpful guide.

What are the bookkeeping implications of getting paid in cryptocurrencies?

The same bookkeeping implications apply to regular invoices charged in traditional currencies like USD or EUR. Capital gains (if any) must be added as revenues. and receive in FIAT.

For an invoice denominated in fiat currency for which you receive cryptocurrency payments, the accountant acts similar as with an international payment - taking into account exchange rate gains and losses.

In addition, there may be some capital gains or losses associated with receiving digital assets. This is mitigated by using stable tokens such as DAI or USDT for your business

I have an accountant who does my company bookkeeping, how do I manage?

For invoices denominated in a fiat currency which payment is received in the same currency at the end of the process, the bookkeeping of the transaction is the same as usual.

The accountant does not need to be informed about using blockchain technology, as the amount received in the bank account matches the amount of the invoice.

Invoices paid in cryptocurrencies are different. Go to your Request Invoicing dashboard, export your invoices as a CSV or download them individually as PDFs and send them to your accountant. Your accountant will then have all of the information needed to finalize your accounting.

Your accountant will manage these invoices in a similar way as a payment in a foreign currency, including exchange rate gains and losses, and additionally might also have to book capital gains.

Is your accountant unsure about how to proceed? Get in touch and we will connect with him/her directly to help them out!

How to enable my customers to pay with cryptocurrencies using Request Invoicing?

By creating an invoice with Request invoicing your customers will receive an automatic email with a link to the invoice. All they have to do is click on accept and pay from within the invoice.

You have more questions?

Ask us anything, we’ll be happy to answer you in a few minutes.