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Accept payments in crypto, stablecoins or fiat,
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Trusted by 2,000+ businesses in the Web3 ecosystem

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Why use Request

Create and send invoices in a few seconds

Generate professional-looking crypto invoices that your clients will love and can easily pay.

Spend less time on billing and more time on your business.

Accept payments in crypto, stablecoins or fiat 

Choose a wide selection of digital and fiat currencies.

Denominate your crypto payments in fiat to simplify accounting and in a compliant way.

Keep track of all your payments in one place

Use the visual dashboard to review the status of all your payment requests: accepted, paid, or outstanding. 

Send a friendly-reminder to pay with a click of a button.

Fiat-to-crypto payments

Currently available in EUR.

Bill your traditional client in EUR and get paid in crypto directly to your wallet. 

Peer-to-peer transfers

No middleman, you send or receive funds directly into your wallet.

Take back control of your finance. 

Why 2,000+ Web3 teams, freelancers, and accountants love Request Finance

Co-founder & COO

“Other solutions we saw didn't have all the functionalities we needed, like sending invoice requests, batch payments, and integration with multisig wallets like Gnosis. Only Request did.”

Head of Community

“Request improved our cross-organization communication by giving us more transparency into payment statuses. On top of that, email updates ensure invoices are automatically followed up – a time saver for us!”

Executive Assistant

“Thank you so much for your help, we have already had a few of our contractors upload invoices and said how smooth the process was”


“What Request has built solves many of the problems we are having with Coinbase Commerce”

FANTOM I michael

“The team at Fantom Foundation used to spend many hours a month just on managing and accounting for crypto payments. With Request, we now spend only far fewer hours processing almost US$100k in payments monthly, and we anticipate that this number will go up.”

Accounting Department

“Using Request for crypto invoicing and integrated crypto payments feature has made my job so much easier! It also keeps all my invoices in one place instead of cluttering up my inbox. 100% recommended!"

Ferrum Network I NICK
EVP of Strategic Partnerships & Growth

“In our search for the best and most efficient invoicing process, we are moving our crypto payments to the Request Finance platform. This service will be used for FRM and stable coin payments.”

Head of Operations

“We love using Request because it just makes the whole invoicing process more efficient for all the parties involved while ensuring the accounting compliance set by our auditors.”

Technology Hub Manager

“Using Request, we could effortlessly manage, and pay invoices denominated in both fiat and crypto. This ensured that the winning teams were paid promptly, and without error after the hackathon”

Co-founder & COO

“Request gave me structure. It gave me a workflow to manage supplier payments connected to the contacts of those suppliers along with their wallet addresses. It gave me confidence knowing that I would be sending funds to a supplier's wallet address they have entered directly into their invoice.”

Co-founder & CEO

“We were introduced to it via Ocean Protocol at first, and have never looked back, or left or right, since. Recurring payments are easier to keep track of all in one place. The pre-filled invoices help us pay our team and business partners easily, and on time. Request has also enabled us to easily export all our payments data for tax reporting purposes. We’ve probably saved 40-60 man hours just in the last six months of using it.”

Project Lead

“Before discovering Request Finance, accounting in crypto was a huge challenge. Since we started using Request Finance, both the time spent and the administrative burden of managing crypto payments has become so much less. With brilliant features like invoice statuses, and pre-filled invoice templates, processing crypto payments has become less stressful for everyone involved.”

Founder & CEO

“Designing great user experiences is a big part of how Nested makes Web 3.0 usable for all. What I love about Request is the user experience. It makes it easy for our accountants to manage our crypto payments, and simplifies payroll in crypto for our global team with thoughtful features like the ability to pay multiple crypto invoices at once, or schedule invoices.”


“Request Finance’s invoicing app is incredibly simple to use, allowing us to pay all our invoices from a single dashboard. The extensive list of cryptocurrencies available as payment options, and being able to denominate crypto invoices in fiat prices based on prevailing exchange rates made bookkeeping a breeze.”

How much does it cost?

"Get paid" feature is totally free for you!

Request Finance demo

Creating your Request account

🕒 Estimated time: 1-2 minute(s)

Registering an account can be done by following this link:

After successfully signing up, you will receive a verification mail to verify you have access to the email address you’ve registered your account with.

Setting up your account

🕒 Estimated time: 2 minutes

It’s time to set up your account. This is done once and the information you fill in here will be automatically used on your next issued invoices.

You can always amend the information you fill in during this step at a later stage, under the settings tab.

Creating a digital currency invoice

🕒 Estimated time: 5 minutes

After setting up your account you will be taken to the dashboard of Request Invoicing, which will now show a clickable button to create an invoice. Click on this button to get started.

Before you continue: You will receive the payment of your invoice directly from your client – no middleman. Be sure to double-check and fill in this information correctly, especially the wallet address. We won’t be able to help recover your funds when sent to an address you don’t control.

Paying an invoice

🕒 Estimated time: 2 minutes

When you are on the receiving end of a digital invoice issued through Request, you will be able to pay the invoice by following the video guide below.

Request Invoicing supports payment with the majority of mainstream cryptocurrency wallets, such as MetaMask, Fortmatic and any wallet that supports WalletConnect, including multi-sig wallets such as Gnosis Safe.

Export, duplicate & more

Request Invoicing offers additional features for advanced users, such as exporting (a selection of) your invoices as .pdf & .csv files and re-using invoice templates by duplicating them.

Looking for other advanced features we're not yet supporting? Please let us know, so we can create them for you.

Simplify crypto payments for your business today