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Fully integrated with your Request Finance account

Account reconciliation on the spot

All the payments made with the card will be automatically registered in your Request Finance account.

Security and Control

Completely control all your crypto payments and assign spending limits to increase your account’s security.

Single dashboard view

View all your crypto payments - wallet and card - in a single dashboard.
Accept crypto payments

Your crypto and fiat payments made your way

Choose between 350+ cryptocurrencies, 20+ stablecoins, 20+ fiat currencies and 18+ blockchains. More flexibility for your crypto and fiat payments with Request Finance.

Create invoices at scale

Over $700M made in crypto and fiat payments

Your crypto and fiat payments are safe with the experience of over $700M processed through Request Finance.

Automate your workflow

Accounting friendly for your business

Easily import transaction data into your preferred accounting software. Denominate crypto payments in fiat currency like USD, CHF, HKD, or EUR to simplify your accounting.

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