Our mission

People all over the world should have full control in the management of their financial assets.

At Request, we are creating technology that allows people to own their financial data and break away from traditional financial platforms. We do this by building a protocol for the exchange of decentralized payment requests. This allows anyone, anywhere, to pay and get paid with confidence in a trustless environment.

We actively work together with leading innovators and organizations in the decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem. We provide open products, standards, and infrastructure to create these seamless financial experiences.

Open positions

Want to join us in changing international finance? All our job offers are 100% remote.

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Perks and Benefits


Stock options

We look for team members with a deep sense of entrepreneurship. Everyone at RF has Stock Options.


Annual remote budget & coworking reimbursed

It’s important to have all the equipment you need to work. If you decide to go to a coworking, we will take care of it as well.


Reimbursement of books and trainings

Learning is important for us. We reimburse all books and trainings you want to do.


Company gathering

We meet 2 times a year, in a different city.


Unlimited PTO and parental leave of 12 weeks

ou will have full autonomy regarding your PTO management. We also provide a 12 weeks parental leave for everyone.


Healthcare Insurance

We will cover 100% of your healthcare insurance (individual or family).


Our 4 core values have been decided collectively to represent everyone in the company.










Being on the frontier of a new technology

Request is working in two areas that are considered by many as mystifying: FinTech and Blockchain. These ecosystems are also both in rapid and constant evolution. We are learning every day and we have a team of very curious and open-minded people.

Still, it can be quite challenging and we try to build a culture where knowledge and humbleness are key. We don’t have all the answers but we are committed to bringing our vision and mission to life.

We often use bleeding-edge technologies such as smart contracts in the Ethereum Blockchain and IPFS decentralized data storage. It's challenging but rewarding work.

Our development team follows agile practices. Every developer is an owner of our entire codebase. We're all responsible for our success

Passion & commitment
are the core of our organization

Finding an organization that works best for us is one of our biggest challenges. No matter if we are a small team, agreeing on how we want to be organized is not easy. We tried many ways and we are still learning.

People join Request for their passion and commitment to our vision and mission. As a startup, every member of the team has a big impact. It is important that everyone in the company feels comfortable challenging everything. We hire smart people for their expertise and at the end of the day, we have to trust their judgement.

We try to have asynchronous communication, we record meetings where only the stakeholders attend but it allows for others to understand the debate that led to the decision. We organize 3 company retreats per year. Finally, we all share our primary and secondary focus and the things we are accountable for. A deep sense of responsibility is important. It gives more meaning for each team member about the role they play in our successes.

A distributed company first

From the start, Request has embraced the culture of remote work. The founders of the company were often moving to different cities. After the public launch and successful time at Y Combinator, they decided to settle the headquarters at the heart of Europe, in Amsterdam. After a few months, we realized that this organization was not the culture of Request. One of our values being freedom, it made more sense for people to choose where they wanted to live.

Being distributed allows us to recruit the best people without any geographical barriers. It also brings the most interesting debates among us thanks to our different cultures, background, experiences. We want to be a company that will bring useful products worldwide and it can only work if our team is a representation of it.

Work lifebalance

As a distributed startup working in blockchain, it can be hard for our team members to be able to disconnect. Yet, everyone should be able to find the right work-life balance.

We have unlimited vacations and we make sure that this rule is not at the disadvantage of the team member. We want them to stay with us in the long term because we have a lot to accomplish together. Having team members with well-balanced lives is our key to success.

In that organization, allowing for flexibility is important. We trust people to organise their day, as long as they understand they have to be a responsible actor in a very small ecosystem.

We also provide a 12 weeks parental leave no matter the gender and the seniority.

Gaining knowledge

We believe in setting aside time to learn. It's easy to get swamped by daily tasks, but in the long term, those who invest time in learning can achieve more.

Devoting time to learning is good both for Request as a company and for personal growth. We actively support team members in gaining new knowledge and skills that they are interested in.

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