The fastest & easiest way to pay affiliates in crypto & fiat

Send mass crypto & fiat payments to affiliates, influencers, sellers and contractors in minutes. Get a paper-trail for each transaction. All in one place.

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Our job is to help you save time while you stay secured.

Need to make dozens of crypto payments? We made that simple.

1. Upload a CSV

Download our template, fill it and upload it. Congrats, most of the job is done!

2. Review transactions

We create all the transactions for you to review in one eyesight.

3. Pay in one click

All secured, so you sleep at night.

Why 2,000+ Web3 teams, freelancers, and accountants love Request Finance

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Make hundreds of crypto payments in seconds

Your financial complexities are our specialties.
We designed the Batch Pay tool to help CFOs & finance managers like you get their time back

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