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How To Get Paid in DAI

Learn how to get paid in DAI by using Request Finance.

DAI, a decentralized stablecoin, offers an innovative approach to stable digital currencies. With its algorithmic mechanism, DAI maintains a stable value against the US dollar and provides users with an alternative means of transacting in the crypto ecosystem.

Streamline Invoicing in DAI with Request Finance

Step 1: Account Registration

To start your DAI invoicing journey, initiate an account setup on the Request Finance platform by supplying the necessary details.

Step 2:  Linking Wallet

Subsequent to account registration, associate the crypto wallet in which you wish to receive DAI payments with your Request Finance account. Request Finance is compatible with a vast majority of reputable crypto wallets

On the dashboard, hit the "Connect" button, choose your preferred wallet from the list, and authorize the connection when the popup window appears.

Step 3: Create an Invoice

Following successful wallet linkage, proceed to form an invoice. 

Go to the Invoicing module on the Request Finance dashboard, select the "Create Invoice" option, and populate the necessary fields, remembering to select DAI as the payment currency. 

You can opt for recurring invoices or streaming payment features if required. 

Step 4: Send the Invoice to Your Client

The invoice is now ready to be sent to your client. 

There’s a unique link for every invoice. Send this link to your client, and your client can settle the invoice directly using the link.

Step 5: Payment Confirmation

Upon receiving your invoice, the client can connect their wallet and process the invoice in DAI with just a handful of clicks. 

Once the payment is cleared, the status will update to "paid". A confirmation email will be dispatched to you, indicating that the payment process has been successfully completed.

By adhering to these steps, your enterprise can utilize the advantages of DAI and efficiently manage your crypto invoicing needs.

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