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How To Get Paid in USDT

Learn how to get paid in USDT by using Request Finance.

USDT holds a significant position in the cryptocurrency market as the largest stablecoin both in terms of market capitalization and trading volume, with a commanding 64% of the market share

Being pegged to USD, it's frequently used as a hedge against substantial volatility in the crypto market, providing businesses with a sense of security and reliability.

Manage Invoices in USDT Using Request Finance

Step 1: Account Creation

Start by creating an account on the Request Finance platform by providing the necessary details.

Step 2: Connect your Wallet

Connect the cryptocurrency wallet that you want to receive your payment in USDT to your Request Finance account. Request Finance supports most of the best crypto wallets

In the Request Finance dashboard, click on the "Connect" button and select the wallet of your choice from the dropdown. A popup window will appear, prompting you to confirm the connection.

Step 3: Create an Invoice

Once your wallet is connected, you can now create an invoice. 

Navigate to the Invoicing section on the Request Finance dashboard. Click on the "Create Invoice" button and fill in the necessary details such as your payer’s email, company, the amount to be paid, and the currency (select USDT in this case).

While the default invoice currency for labeling is in EUR, you can change it easily by choosing other supported currencies in the dropdown menu. 

If necessary, you can also select to send recurring invoices or streaming payments via Superfluid

Step 4: Share the Invoice

After creating the invoice, it's time to share it with your client. Request Finance will generate a unique link for the invoice. Share this link with your client through your preferred communication channel. They will be able to view and pay the invoice directly using the link.

Step 5: Wait for your payment

Once the payer has received your invoice, the payer can connect their wallets, and pay your invoice in USDT with just a few clicks. 

When the invoice has been paid, the status of the invoice changes from “awaiting payment” to “paid”. You will be notified via email that the payment has successfully been processed. It’s as simple as that. 

By following the above steps, your business can leverage the benefits of USDT and efficiently handle your invoicing needs in the crypto space.

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