Accounting for crypto in 2023

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Wed, Feb 22
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Meet the experts

Michael Gonzales
Assurance Partner - Ernst & Young
Suzanne Morsfield
Head of Accounting Solutions - Lukka
Martin Grosvenor-Wong
Assurance Partner - Ernst & Young

There are a lot of new changes in crypto accounting, and if you’re responsible for the financial operations, bookkeeping and financial reporting of your company, you must be updated about updates with FASB & IFRS.

On February 22, 2023 we were joined by 3 industry experts to discuss ‘Accounting for Crypto in 2023’


✅  Crypto Accounting for 2023 (FASB & IFRS updates)
✅  Treatment for Stablecoins - USDC v/s DAI
✅  Fair Value Measurement
✅  Audit Evidence with crypto on your balance sheet

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Once a month, we organize webinars to talk about crypto treasury management in crypto.