Handling crypto payments & scaling web 3 operations

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Thu, May 25
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Meet the experts

Michele D' Aliessi
COO/Co-Founder - Superfluid
Jozef Vogel
Financial Controller - Aave
Jaime Barriga Amin
VP Finance - OpenZeppelin

On May 25, 2023, we hosted a webinar on "Handling Crypto Payments & Scaling Web3 Operations". Our members have been handling payments in crypto for a while and share their experience & knowledge on the challenges and the emerging toolkit helping them to manage their payments in crypto.

✅ Handling crypto payments & use cases
✅ On ramping and Off ramping processes
✅ Tooling to scale crypto payment operations
✅ Barriers for adoption

Learn from our network of experts

Once a month, we organize webinars to talk about crypto treasury management in crypto.