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A simple dashboard to keep track of all your cryptocurrency invoices

Discover our visual dashboard that allows you to quickly see the status of each of your invoices.

July 20, 2020

If there is one thing we have learned talking to businesses that deal with cryptocurrencies, it is that they all lose sleep over keeping track of all their crypto payments.

Moving away from manual inputs in large spreadsheets while monitoring payment confirmations on explorers like Etherscan, Request Invoicing is an invoicing system that includes a visual dashboard for you to quickly see which invoices are awaiting payment & have been paid.

How it works

Once an invoice is successfully created it arrives in your personal dashboard automatically. The invoice entries include such as:

  • - Date of Invoice issuance
  • - Description
  • - Amount payable (denominated in EUR, USD or GBP)
  • - Payment status (Paid, Awaiting payment, Canceled, Rejected)
  • - Other actions (I.e. Cancel invoice, Pay invoice, Download receipt)

Alongside a synthetical overview of invoice payment statuses, the dashboard allows you to access each invoice individually to quickly find further details. Click on any invoice to navigate to the granular details such as business information, discounts, taxes and more.

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