Accept an Invoice ☑️ + New Currency Support 💸

August 31, 2020

Hello Request enthusiasts,

It’s important to keep your inbound and outbound invoices well organized. This minimizes errors and helps make sure payments are made on-time.

To help freelancers and organizations better manage their invoices we are introducing the ability to Accept an Invoice.  Simply press the “Accept” button, and voilà, the status is updated to reflect that it has been reviewed and is ready for payment.

When an invoice is Accepted, the issuer also receives an email letting them know that all of the details were in order and to expect payment before the due date.

A win-win for both issuers and payers!

Also in this release:

  • 💸 Issue an invoice in CAD and CHF
  • 📃 Pay an invoice using a Gnosis Multisig wallet
  • 🔥 Updated invoice creation experience
  • 💳 Updated payment experience

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