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Blockchain & Finance

September 16, 2019

Payer reputation

An infrastructure to recognize good payers and detect bad payers.

Reputation score

Accessible data of individuals and business payment history is used to model a payment reputation score. This reputation score can help a business better define if the relationship is high or low risk, and architect the business contracts based off of this information. Things like timeliness of past-payments, outstanding debt and existing capital are all taken into account.

Network effect

The more companies using Request, the more accurate the data model becomes, allowing for a global understanding of who you are doing business with both locally and abroad.


Information such as invoice and transaction details are kept private on the decentralized network of Request, ensuring privacy. This allows businesses to keep their activities confidential, protecting their trade secrets and competitive advantages.

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Payrolling software

Remove manual work, make payrolling efficient and accurate.

Payment automation

Turn a heavily manual process into an automated one by defining key indicators and performance criteria, and using their data to calculate and send payment automatically.

Tax automation

Make employees lives easier by embedding the tax declaration directly within payrolling software. With Request, the local and national tax can be automatically accounted for and sent directly to tax authorities (or another member of an organization) at the time of payment.


Maintain a perfect, timestamped record of all documents (including payslips) and the payment record itself. This information is stored on a distributed ledger, ensuring accessibility (to employees and employers), security and immutability.

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Tax collection

Automatically collect taxes and combat tax fraud.

Reduce fraud

Governments can reduce tax fraud by using an invoicing system built with Request. These invoices can be pre-programmed to automatically collect taxes at the source, and send them directly to the treasury. This improves the government cash flow in a way that makes tax collection easy for businesses.


Request can be customized to the needs of different industries and customers to create systems designed for maximum efficiency. This includes domestic and cross-border transactions.

Automated audit

Using Request, corporate auditing requirements can be fulfilled by automatically publishing reports. These reports are verified accurate due to the immutability of Request’s database and can be verified with a simple algorithm. This turns auditing from an expensive, time-consuming process into one that is inexpensive and fast.

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Financial transparency

Combat institutional corruption with more transparency for public institutions.

Reduce corruption

Creating accountability is the first step towards fighting corruption, and it starts with having access to the right information. The data from systems run on Request can be permissioned to allow access to the public.

Efficient use of resources

Publishing how budgets are used creates a feedback loop from elected officials to citizens on the quality and adequacy of services and infrastructure compared to the money being spent.

More trust

The world is changing quickly, and people are more skeptical than ever before. Transparency fosters trust in institutions and helps governments create buy-in from their citizens. By having more trust, people are more likely to pay their taxes.

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