Product Updates - Product Update Q1 2024

Consola introduces new features such as support for additional fiat currencies and blockchain networks, a spam filter for transactions, and streamlined reporting and accounting processes.

May 2, 2024

Q2 ‘24 has started, and we wanted to share our exciting Q1 developments with you. This update focuses on enhancements to your treasury, accounting, reporting, and new integrations.And we’re taking a big step forward! Consola is now part of, joining forces to redefine the future of crypto accounting and payments.

As part of this integration, the Consola finance product is now operating under's SOC 2 Type 1 certification, reflecting our commitment to the highest standards of security and compliance.

SOC 2 Type 1 certified

Let's dive in!

New Features

Platform Updates

  • Consola Finance supports two new fiat currencies: South African Rand and the Swedish Krona
  • We have extended support for five new chains: Ronin, Moonriver, Casper, Aptos and Provenance


  • now allows you to visualize your exchange portfolio directly from your treasury. You can now browse through all your exchange tokens, their current value and their percentage composition right from your treasury.

  • You can now mark tokens as spam in if you suspect your wallets are targeted with spam NFTs or zero-value tokens.

Once marked as spam, these tokens and their transactions are labeled as 'spam transactions' in the transaction table, excluded from cost basis calculations, and omitted from reports.

Additionally, you can hide these spam transactions using our new spam transaction filter.

💡 Marking native tokens as spam has been disabled to prevent inaccuracies.

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  • Good news for frequent users of Request Finance: Consola Finance now recognizes invoice and batch payments made through Request Finance. Plus, you can preview and download your invoices directly on Consola Finance.


  • You can now duplicate rule parameters from your previously generated reports in Consola Finance. This feature saves you time on customizations and helps you generate more reports efficiently.

  • Our Realized Gains/Losses report now includes support for exchanges. Download a Realized G/L report for your exchange transactions and effectively track the financial performance of your assets.

  • You can now select specific assets for inclusion in the reports you generate on Consola. For example, if you want to view only your SOL transactions in your transaction history report, simply select SOL from the asset selector to tailor your report. This is especially useful for segregating your transaction reports by individual assets.

  • Your report metadata on Consola Finance now includes the names of all selected wallets and exchanges, as well as the source used for fetching token prices, such as Coingecko.


Do you handle thousands of journal entries every month? Consola now simplifies your accounting by allowing you to aggregate transactions by day, week, or month into a single journal entry, where debits and credits are summed according to your chart of accounts.

You can also upload journal entries for a specific timeframe using the 'custom date range' toggle. Plus, spam and excluded transactions are no longer imported to QuickBooks, saving you time by not having to clear out junk entries. Consola streamlines your ERP tasks effortlessly.

Thank you so much for trusting to handle your crypto accounting needs. If you have any feedback or new feature suggestions, please drop a comment on this article and we will tweak our product roadmap priorities accordingly.

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