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Cryptio Becomes a Preferred Partner of Request Finance and its Web3CFO Club

Cryptio, a crypto accounting solution partners with Request Finance and its Web3CFO Club to enable web3 organizations to have compliant financial statements and become audit-ready.

September 7, 2023

Cryptio, a crypto back-office solution, becomes a preferred partner of Request Finance and the Web3CFO Club. With this partnership, we will be further educating our members and customers on the challenge of collecting transaction data from exchanges, wallets, custodians, and how Cryptio’s data infrastructure can help with this issue and ensure audit-ready financial statements. 

“Cryptio’s integration and partnership with Request Finance makes invoicing and accounting a seamless and unified operation. Cryptio and Request are now essential building blocks for any Web3 finance team’s tech stack.

As specialists in helping crypto businesses become audit ready, we are also excited for our deeper collaboration with the Web3CFO club. Bringing together our expertise and connections with the FASB, Big4 and 400+ clients to the leading crypto finance community,”
 said Antoine Scalia, CEO & Founder, Cryptio. 

Cryptio now joins our list of preferred partners alongside Tres Finance.

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About Cryptio

Cryptio is an enterprise-grade accounting and reporting sub-ledger. It transforms on & off-chain data into GAAP and IFRS financial records. 

The platform is trusted by 400+ leading enterprises and institutions including Consensys, (Metamask), 1inch, Uniswap Foundation, Protocol Labs, Nansen, Tezos, Near Foundation, and the Govt. of El Salvador (Chivo).

Their proprietary data layer allows you to fetch complete and accurate transaction data from 35+ L1 & L2 blockchains, 30+ exchanges, 1000+ smart contracts (DeFi, NFT), and all the leading custodians.

Cryptio runs its own nodes and has created proprietary battle-tested indexers for L1 & L2 chains to ensure completeness and accuracy of transaction data. They also have a turn-key set of internal controls that can help minimize the risks involved in the enterprise accounting and reporting of digital assets.

Unlike SME accounting solutions, they do not rely on public block explorers like Etherscan for transaction data, which often deliver incomplete, unreconcilable transaction data. Their proprietary databases are tailor-made for accounting, reporting, and audit and have been used by top Crypto Enterprises to pass Big4 financial audits.

Cryptio has become the core tech stack of accounting, audit and tax firms globally as they help their clients to embrace digital assets and bridge the gap between blockchains and legacy accounting.” said Christophe Fonteneau, Founding member, Head of Strategy & Partnerships at Request.

On the 19, Sept. 2023, Cryptio is hosting the first edition of the Crypto Finance Forum in New York. This will be an exclusive gathering of Crypto CFOs, auditors, controllers, and accountants, debating the biggest challenges for finance teams today.

Cryptio is also offering a special discount of 50% to all our Web3CFO Club members. 

Meet us in person, where Christophe Fonteneau, shares how market leaders are scaling their crypto payments using Request Finance

About the Cryptio Integration with Request Finance 

As one of the world’s largest crypto payroll, invoicing, and expense management apps, Request Finance helps over 2,000 Web3 teams process over $400 million in crypto payments.

We worked with Cryptio to enable Web3 teams to use this data for financial reporting in crypto for accounting and audit purposes. 

Now, with a click of a button, you can easily view your team’s crypto payments data from Request Finance, in Cryptio. 

With this integration, Web3 companies using Request Finance can automatically plug-in data on their accounts receivable/accounts payable (AR/AP) transactions into Cryptio. This further streamlines the entire back-office accounting process.

  • - Easily connect your Request account to your Cryptio workspace
  • - Automated imports of invoices and attribution to relevant transactions
  • - Automatic detection of batch payments as individual payments with corresponding invoices attached
  • - Reconcile transactions to your general ledger with a complete audit trail to the original invoice

How to get started

The integration between Request Finance and Cryptio completely streamlines the reconciliation of invoices to your subledger & general ledger.

Getting started is quick and easy. You will need to have an account with both Cryptio and Request Finance. 

To connect the 2 applications, head over to the integrations tab in Cryptio, locate the Request Finance application, and click on "Add an API Key"

You can find the API key in Request Finance on

Insert the API key into Cryptio and, voila, Cryptio will pull in all the relevant invoices and attach them to the appropriate transactions within your sub-ledger.

Still unsure? We can help.

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👉Schedule a consultation with the Cryptio team here.


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