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Export to CSV 📜 + Support for $ETH, $USDT, $USDC, $BNT & $MKR 💸

September 7, 2020

Hello Request enthusiasts,

Common feedback we have received from our users is that they would like to integrate their Request invoices into their bookkeeping systems. From Quickbooks to Xero, Freshbooks to Sage and everything in between, the accounting systems our customers use have varied wildly.

But the one thing all of the users had in common was that they don’t want to do it manually, invoice-by-invoice.

To solve this problem, we have added the ability to export your entire history of invoices to CSV format.

With this feature, users can make sure that all of their invoices issued on Request Invoicing can be quickly and easily integrated into their bookkeeping systems.

Also in this release:

  • 💸 Support for $BNT, $MKR, $ETH, $USDT & $USDC invoices.
  • 💌Issuance & Payment notifications
  • 🛠️5 UI fixes and performance improvements

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