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Gnosis Payment Improvements 🏆 + Additional Token Support 🤖

December 8, 2020

Hello Request enthusiasts,

These past two weeks we’ve focused on improving the existing flows of our most used features based on user testing and feedback, making the product even more stable & reliable.

The most significant improvement is a completely rehauled Gnosis Multisig process, where the approval and payment are now split into two steps.

This increases the amount of data being transmitted to the payer, ensuring more visibility on exactly what is being paid. The effect is more accurate payments with a reduced chance of a payment being made in error.

We have also added support for our own token (REQ) and Monerium’s digital euro (EURe).

Also in this release:

  • 📥 Updated the PDF Invoice + Receipt
  • 📧 Improved the email verification flow
  • ❓ Added in tooltips
  • 🔥 17 bug fixes and performance updates

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