Keeping your contacts organized with the client address book

October 23, 2020

Request Invoicing is made to make invoicing a breeze. While you focus on making your business a success, we’re here to take away any barrier to pay & get paid in cryptocurrency.

Managing business details of all your clients manually on a monthly returning basis is one of those barriers. It can take a lot of time away from you, which shouldn’t happen.

A client address book has been integrated into Request Invoicing to automatically save client information so that you don’t have to worry about filling in the same business details twice next time you issue an invoice.

This both saves time and lowers the possibility of human errors in the recipients’ details.

How does it work?

When issuing an invoice through Request Invoicing you will be prompted to specify the recipient details. The information filled in will be used to send the invoice to the correct email address, as well as assigning extra business information to the invoice for bookkeeping purposes. This is shown in step 6 of our digital invoice guide here.

Clicking on Find or add new client below Billed to on your invoice will open a dropdown list of all your clients in the client address book. These are the contacts you’ve previously sent an invoice to, or have imported manually on the My Clients page.

Selecting a client from your address book pre-fills all associated recipient details, including the email that is used to send the invoice towards.

Additionally, the client page allows you to manage all your clients’ business details. Here you can add new clients, change assigned business details and/or delete clients you don’t do business with anymore.

New to Request? Finally, payments and invoicing in cryptocurrency just got better for freelancers, small businesses, crypto companies and DAOs. With Request, users can easily send professional, secured, compliant invoices and receive payments in either fiat or cryptocurrency. 
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