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August 15, 2022

Hey Request enthusiast 👋,

Keeping track of, and managing crypto payments each month is a major challenge for finance and operations leads at Web3 companies. We’ve helped over 2,000 teams like yours simplify and automate billing, grants, bounties, and more in crypto.

Two years ago, we launched with an app that allowed anyone to send, receive, and pay invoices in crypto. Invoices are ideal for managing payables to freelancers, and other contract service providers. 

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But in our conversations with many Request Finance users like yourself, two things became clear to us.

We learnt that payroll is one of the most frequently used crypto payment types in web3 teams: many of whom are global, remote-first teams - just like us. 

Paying your team in crypto, especially stablecoins, is often cheaper, faster and easier than bank transfers. Especially with the ability to pay hundreds of crypto invoices in a few clicks in our app.

Many of you also told us that you wanted to automate payroll payouts to your team members -  without needing them to send an invoice first. Most teams have been telling their employees to use our “schedule recurring invoices” feature as a workaround. 

But just being good enough, isn't good enough for us. We’re constantly finding ways to simplify your financial operations in crypto, until it barely feels like any work at all. 

That’s the way we think it should be, so you can focus on your real business - building the future, today.

Introducing Payroll

We’re delighted to announce that our product team has introduced “Payroll”, a dedicated feature designed for you to easily manage your team’s payroll operations in crypto

Some of you may have noticed that the feature has been live in the app for a few weeks now. We’ve been beta testing it with a small group of users who reached out to us about it. 

Now, you too can automate crypto payments to your team members and employees. They no longer have to send an invoice to your HR, or finance department to get their salaries.

To try out the Payroll feature, login to your account and you will see it on the sidebar menu to the left - just below invoices.

How to Pay Payroll in Crypto

To get started, upload all your team members’ details like names, titles, emails, and wallet addresses. You can do this under the “Employees” section within the Payroll feature. 

Once that’s done, you can now begin scheduling salary payments in crypto to each of your team members individually.

Choose from over 150 different crypto or stablecoins to pay your team in, and from 14 different payment networks of your choice. 

Just like with our well-loved invoicing feature, you can also schedule recurring salary payments, according to the frequency of how often they get paid in a month. Best of all, you also can pay hundreds of salaries in just a few clicks.

You can also view the history of your salary payouts, or which team members have yet to be paid. See what matters most, under each of the different tabs within the main Payroll dashboard.

Since January, we have also been working on an integration with Superfluid, to allow the streaming of payments - including salaries in crypto. When this is live, you will also be able to set up salary streams in Request Finance.

Building A Better Crypto Payroll Solution

This is just the initial version of what we are building, to become a fuller crypto payroll solution.

Salaries are just one component of payroll, which consists of other things like bonuses, sales commissions, or even withheld taxes. There are also a litany of other geographically-specific state or national regulations around payroll.

That’s where you come in. 

We can’t wait for you to try out the new Payroll feature, and tell us how it can be improved to better meet your team’s needs.

To report bugs, or simply provide feedback - chat us up on Intercom; the blue circular button at the bottom right-hand corner when you are logged in.

To try it out, visit:

Add your employees to the list, and start paying your first salaries in crypto today.

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