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Request Finance Announces Partnership with TokenOps

TokenOps, known for its innovative token distribution solutions, and Request Finance, with its extensive financial tools, aim to streamline operations for blockchain businesses, offering seamless, efficient, and accurate financial management.

July 4, 2024

The most Web3-friendly businesses and VCs receive and distribute tokens via token vestings. Billions have been distributed in vestings, and it is only the beginning. The administrators of such operations need proper software, and TokenOps is a great option, together with Request Finance, for other payment capabilities. Today, we announce that we will make the experience smooth for users of both software.

Request Finance is excited to announce a strategic partnership with TokenOps. 

TokenOps, known for its innovative approach to token distribution, has recently launched a feature that allows the execution of airdrops and vesting and real-time tracking of token distributions, providing unprecedented transparency and control over digital asset management. With a fast-growing client base and managing token distributions of clients with market caps above hundreds of millions, TokenOps is committed to enhancing efficiency and reliability in the blockchain industry. 

Request Finance, which has expanded its Accounts Payable and crypto-to-fiat payment capabilities to 170+ countries, now serves over 2,000 clients and has handled over $700 million in financial transactions. Its comprehensive suite of financial tools is designed to meet the diverse needs of the Web3 community.

The partnership between TokenOps and Request Finance combines two industry pillars to provide an integrated solution that streamlines financial operations and improves data accuracy for blockchain businesses. 

Leveraging TokenOps’s expertise in automated token distribution and Request Finance’s payment capabilities can provide clients a more efficient experience.

Furthermore, integrating with Consola Finance simplifies data handling, enhances operational efficiency, and offers users superior tools and processes. Token issuers and crypto VCs will be able to account for token distribution and vesting natively within Consola through the TokenOps API. 

Christophe Lassuyt, Co-founder of Request Finance, notes that the integrated services will provide a seamless solution that leverages the strengths of both companies. 

Fabio Mancini, CEO of TokenOps, emphasizes the significant improvements this partnership will bring to making clients’ financial operations smoother and more effective.

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About TokenOps

TokenOps, a token cap table and lifecycle management tool, is one of the partners at the web3 finance club. Get in touch with Fabio Mancini there, or book a demo.

About Request Finance

Request Finance is the all-in-one finance platform for crypto and fiat operations. It helps with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Accounting, plus payments to 170+ countries and a Multi-payee offramp. Request Finance founded the web3finance club, an online and offline community of 900+ finance leaders involved with web3. Get in touch with the team in the community, or directly book a demo here 

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