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Summer 2024 Product Update

Request's latest updates include efficient crypto and fiat payroll, AI-enhanced bill importing, accurate accounting, expanded network support, direct off-ramping, multi-network payment acceptance, and fiat-denominated Bitcoin invoicing.

June 20, 2024

We’re excited to share our latest updates at Request! In recent months, we introduced several innovative features designed to streamline your finance operations. Here’s the line-up:

Efficient Payroll in Crypto & Fiat

Pay salaries, bonuses, and token vestings to your employees with our overhauled payroll product. You can set up payments once and then re-use them whenever you run payroll and flexibly edit payments if things change. Plus, you can now use crypto to compensate your employees in fiat, directly into their bank accounts.

AI-Enhanced Bills Importing

Import any fiat bill into Request efficiently by forwarding them to an email address or directly uploading them. Our AI-enhanced OCR recognition makes it quick and easy to import even the most complex bills. Once imported, pay fiat bills with Request using our crypto-to-fiat service.

100% Accurate Accounting

Bring your crypto & fiat accounting to the next level with Consola (by Request), our in-house accounting solution. Import transactions from 150+ sources, automatically categorize them, and sync them to QuickBooks, Xero, and other ERPs. Spend less time on accounting and do more with your business instead.

Ready to Supercharge Your Crypto Accounting?

Stop wasting time, manually creating journal entries. Automate your accounting now, and enjoy error-free reporting

Learn how to scale your company's crypto & fiat financial operations

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We simplified crypto finance management

Rely on a secure, hassle-free process to manage your crypto invoices, expenses, payroll & accounting.

Pay and Get Paid on Base, Solana, and Tron

Base, Solana, and Tron are now available on Request. Use these three networks to pay bills, payroll, expenses, and more. You can also issue invoices and get paid on them. As usual, payments are automatically detected, making reconciliation a breeze. We support major currencies, wallets, and fiat denominations for all three networks. 

Direct Off-Ramping to Any Bank Account

Send fiat directly to any bank account worldwide. There is no need for a bill; just enter the bank details of your recipient, pay in stablecoins, and the funds are on their way. Payments can be made to 190+ countries, in 15+ currencies, and at a simple fee of 1% (guaranteed until December 2024).

Accept Payments on Multiple Networks

Give your clients more flexibility and accept Bitcoin and Ethereum on the same invoice. Your clients can choose how they’d like to pay you, and you’ll receive either Bitcoin or Ethereum (USDT or ETH) in your wallet. We’ll roll out additional payment methods in the future, so stay tuned for any updates.

Fiat Denomination for Bitcoin

Denominate invoices in USD, EUR, and 20+ other fiat currencies and get paid in Bitcoin. We use live rates to ensure you’re getting the right amount, automatically detect Bitcoin payments, and validate that the payment corresponds to what you invoiced for. No need to manually track and update payments.

What’s Next?

Over the next months, we will bring even more to Request. Stay tuned for any updates. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these features as much as we enjoyed building them.

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