Automatic invoice & payment notifications for both the issuer & recipient

September 18, 2020

An argument against doing business with digital currencies we often hear when speaking with users is the lack of great user experience.

In the current landscape, both the issuer and the recipient of payment requests (such as invoices) payable in cryptocurrencies have to manually notify each other & keep track of their payments & payments due.

Request Invoicing greatly improves the payment experience for both the issuer & recipient of invoices by automating this manual process through notifications.

How it works

Invoice creation

When issuing an invoice using Request Invoicing you will be asked to input details from the client that is being billed, including their email address. This mail address is used to send the invoice due notification, in which the recipient will be made aware of the invoice in their mail, its payment details and due date.

Clicking on the link in this notification mail sends the recipient directly to the invoice, allowing them to take multiple actions or pay the invoice directly, using any wallet that is supported.

Before payment is completed & verified on-chain, the status of the invoice is marked as awaiting payment.

Invoice paid

When the recipient has successfully paid the invoice, the status of the invoice changes from awaiting payment to paid. A mail will be sent automatically to the issuer of the invoice, notifying the payment has successfully been processed.

Clicking on the link in this notification mail sends the issuer to the invoice where a receipt can be downloaded if needed, including a link to the payment confirmation on Etherscan.

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