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Avalanche Powers Cheaper, Faster Crypto Invoicing and Payroll in Request Finance

March 22, 2022

Invoices are key to keeping records of where a company’s crypto assets come, and go for tax or accounting purposes. They are also essential in ensuring everyone has their bills paid on time. 

Request Finance enables you to see, manage, and pay all your crypto invoices in one place. Today, it is used by thousands of Web 3.0 companies to pay their suppliers, partners, contributors and team members in crypto, with the flexibility to choose from a growing list of over 70+ different currencies, and 10+ different blockchains to pay with.  

Since launching in 2021, over $175 million of cryptocurrency payments have been made through Request Finance

Among the rapidly growing base of crypto projects, DAOs, and large companies using Request Finance are notable names in the Web 3.0 space like The Sandbox, AAVE, Chainstack, and MakerDAO.

“Request Finance allows our users to seamlessly do business across different ecosystems, and transact on networks like Avalanche for cheaper, and faster crypto payments” - Christophe Fonteneau, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Request Finance.

Avalanche projects can also reach out to the Request Finance team to have their own tokens listed as a payment option in the Request Finance app.

Simplify crypto payments for your business today

Invoicing, payroll & expenses for Web3 businesses & freelancers.

How to use the Avalanche network with Request Finance

Learn how you can benefit from cheaper, faster transactions by paying with Avalanche in the Request Finance app.

Create and send an invoice on Avalanche

1. Log in to your Request account

2. Click on the “Create an invoice” button

3. Add/Select the client for the “Your client information” field

4. Leave the “How do you want to receive funds?” field with the default option: crypto, the payer pays in crypto

5. Click on the “More” button (ellipses icon) next to the list of cryptocurrencies

6. Next, click on the “All networks” field and select Avalanche

7. Then choose the payment currency you wish to receive as funds on the Avalanche network

8. Set your invoice currency which will depend on the payment currency chosen in the previous step*

9. Add the rest of the details for your invoice: item description, quantity, unit price, discount, and tax

10. Review and check that your invoice number, issue date, and payment due date are correct.

11. Click the “Create & Send” button to generate and send the invoice

*What is the invoice currency? This is the currency that your invoice will be issued in and can be different from the payment currency which you’ll receive as funds. For example, you can have the invoice currency as USD (fiat) while receiving funds in AVAX as the payment currency. You can also set both the invoice and payment currency as the same currency such as in AVAX.

Pay an invoice on Avalanche

1. Log in to your Request account

2. Click on “Received Invoices” on the sidebar menu under Invoices

3. Next, select the invoice you wish to pay

4. Click on “Pay now”

5. Select a wallet

6. Proceed with payment following the instructions from your wallet

7. When payment is successful, the status of the invoice should change to “Paid”

About Avalanche

Avalanche is an open, programmable smart contracts platform for decentralized applications. Developers can build fast, low cost, Solidity-compatible dApps, and launch Ethereum dApps that confirm transactions instantly and process thousands of transactions per second.

Validators can stake, or lock up, AVAX tokens to help process transactions and further secure the platform–providing security guarantees well-above the 51% standard. It allows projects building on top of Avalanche to scale to millions of validators with minimal hardware. 

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