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Request Finance and Consola Finance join forces to offer the first crypto and fiat all-in-one finance platform

Consola Finance brings its leading-edge technology in crypto accounting, known for its commitment to 100% data accuracy.

March 12, 2024

We are delighted to share an exciting development in Request Finance's journey—the welcoming of Consola Finance into our family. This union represents a significant step in our mission to deliver an all-in-one finance platform for businesses managing finance operations in crypto and fiat currencies.

A Unified Platform for All Finance Professionals' Needs

With the integration of Consola Finance, Request Finance is now positioned as the ultimate enterprise finance platform for crypto and fiat. Users can manage all aspects of their financial operations, including Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounting, Payroll, and Expenses, all in one place. This consolidation offers convenience and efficiency, saving valuable time for businesses to focus on growth.

Unmatched Accuracy and Reliability

Consola Finance brings its leading-edge technology in crypto accounting, known for its commitment to 100% data accuracy. This integration ensures that our users can rely on precise and error-free financial data, empowering them to make informed decisions confidently. For example, businesses can now track their transactions with the assurance that every detail is accurately recorded.

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Synergies That Raise Confidence

The synergy between Request Finance and Consola Finance promises to transform the landscape of enterprise finance management. Christophe Fonteneau, Head of Strategy at Request Finance, expressed his enthusiasm about the impact of this collaboration. "The trust placed in Request Finance by over 2,000 companies to power more than $700 million in transactions is just the beginning. The synergy between Request Finance and Consola Finance elevates confidence and sets a new standard for financial operations." This partnership enhances the platform's capabilities, offering users a more robust and feature-rich experience.

Welcoming the Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrency

Christophe Lassuyt, CEO of Request Finance, highlighted the growing mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and the role of our platform in facilitating this transition. "Businesses are increasingly adopting stablecoins, and we are developing a crypto-friendly platform that combines the functionalities of major financial solutions into a single, all-encompassing solution." This evolution streamlines business financial processes, making transactions more efficient and cost-effective.

A Warm Welcome to the Consola Finance Team!

As we embark on this thrilling new chapter, we extend a warm welcome to the exceptional team at Consola Finance. Their expertise and dedication to accuracy and innovation are truly inspiring and will directly benefit our users by enhancing the platform's capabilities.

Jacob Kobler, CEO of Consola Finance, shared his enthusiasm about joining forces: "Joining the Request Finance family positions us to offer a distinct, all-in-one finance platform. We're excited to be part of this journey and to contribute to the development of a comprehensive solution for managing financial operations."

Together, we're poised to make a significant impact in the world of finance, providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

Ready to explore how our unified platform can streamline your financial operations? Book a demo with us today and discover the power of Request Finance and Consola Finance combined.

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