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Product Update December 2023

Learn about our new updates: blockchain integrations, features additions and reporting.

December 11, 2023

As we soon hit 2024, we’re excited to unveil a host of new features in accounting, reporting, and reconciliation. Paired with UI updates, they’re designed to elevate your experience significantly!

New Blockchain Integrations

  • We have successfully integrated Stellar, Ecredits, Fantom and Vara chains into our platform.
  • You can now import your transactions from 20+ popular exchanges. Refer to our integrations document for more information

Feature Additions

  • Consola,finance now allows you to switch between your categorized, uncategorized, excluded and synchronized transactions at the touch of a button.

We have implemented a transaction filter that helps you narrow down on transactions. Here is a list of filters offers.

  1. Filter by date
  2. Filter by Asset/ Token
  3. Filter by wallet
  4. Filter by Account Type
  5. Filter by Tag
  6. Filter by Amount units (The number of tokens or assets)
  7. Filter by Fiat price
  8. Filter by Asset movement type (inflow, outflow, fee)

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We simplified crypto finance management

Rely on a secure, hassle-free process to manage your crypto invoices, expenses, payroll & accounting.

  • Update your Gains and Losses accounts to be uploaded to your journals from a dedicated page in now
  • On connecting your account to Xero, you can now delete your draft journals in Xero, specific to a wallet from itself.

  • Your exchange transactions can now be uploaded to your ERP software (Quickbooks or Xero)

  • Update your wallets on an individual basis in your treasury.

  • You can now categorize exchange transactions using rules.

We have introduced a lot of new parameters for you to create rules. Here is the list of recently added params:

  1. Cost Basis: The fiat price of the concerned token at the time of acquistion
  2. Date: The date of transaction
  3. Chain: The chain the transaction took place in.
  4. Transaction Hash: The hash of the transaction
  5. Token Symbol: The symbol of the token or asset. Eg: ETH, SOL
  6. Posting period: The date, the transaction was posted.
  7. Purpose: The purpose of the transaction. (Refer to the product guide for more details)
  8. Is fee: The fees associated with any transaction
  9. Tags: The tag assigned to a particular transaction or wallet
  10. Is Internal: If a transaction is internal
  11. Is not Internal: If a transaction is not internal
  12. Flow direction: To add a condition to either an inflow or outflow
  13. Type: The transaction type. Eg: Yield farming, Staking etc.

  • You now have the option to delete outdated rules or rules with outdated categorization parameters.
  • Duplicate rules at the touch of a button to avoid the hassle of creating a rule from scratch.

  • Create simple rules directly from your transaction table

Reinforced Reporting

We have introduced a range of new reports to help you export precisely the information you need.

  • For Accounting and Audit, we have added a positions report which displays a snapshot of your portfolio at any point in history.
  • With Jurisdictional Specifics, you can generate transaction history reports in the Softledger and EY Blockchain Analyzer format.
  • We have tweaked some of our reports to include your exchange data for enhanced reporting.

Thank you so much for trusting to handle your crypto accounting needs. If you have any feedback or new feature suggestions, please drop a comment on this article and we will tweak our product roadmap priorities accordingly.

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