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How to pay crypto invoices using Safe: a step-by-step guide on Request Finance

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to connect to your Safe wallet through WalletConnect to Request Finance to pay your crypto invoices and other crypto payments.

February 27, 2023

Safe is a smart contract wallet running on Ethereum and several EVM chains that requires a minimum number of people to approve a transaction before it can occur. It  allows you to maintain complete self custody of your funds, ensuring that you have full control without the need for trust in third-party entities.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to batch pay invoices using your Safe wallet in five simple steps. You will need a Request Finance account, invoices in crypto waiting to be paid, and a Safe wallet

Step 1: Batch approve the invoices waiting to be paid

To begin, navigate to the "Bills" section and select the invoices you want to pay by batch approving them.

To do this, click on "Batch Actions" and then choose "Batch Approve". From there, select the invoices you want to approve for payment.

Step 2: Connect Safe wallet to Request Finance

After approving the invoices, you can connect your Gnosis Safe wallet to Request Finance and proceed with batch payments.

- Go to "Bills" again and click on "Batch Payment".

- Select the invoices you just approved and click "Pay Now".

- From the list of available wallets, choose Gnosis Safe and click on it.

- The Safe website will open in a new tab. Connect your Safe to Request Finance by clicking on "Apps" in the sidebar and searching for Request Finance.

- Once you find Request Finance, click on "Open App" to complete the connection process between Safe and Request Finance.

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Step 3: Pay batch invoices using Safe wallet

To complete the batch payment process, return to Request Finance and follow the same steps as described in Step 2 for selecting and approving invoices.

Once you have selected the invoices to be paid, click on "Pay now" and choose the Safe wallet. You will see a confirmation that the connection is successful.

Next, confirm the transaction on the Safe wallet by clicking on "Pay now" and then "Submit". Your MetaMask wallet will pop up, and you will need to sign the transaction.

On Request Finance, you will see that the invoices are now “Pending”. 

In the example below, this transaction on safe requires two signatures, which is recommended as an internal control for your organization. 

The second approver can either login to their Request Finance account or directly access in the Safe app to validate the transaction. Once again, a pop-up window from Metamask will appear to confirm the transaction.

Once the transaction has been approved by both parties, allow a few seconds for the payment to process.

Great job! Your payment has been successfully processed on both Request Finance and the Safe app.

Step 4: Monitor all your transactions easily

After your crypto payments have been automatically reconciled, you can easily view and export a comprehensive record of each transaction. To do so, either click on "more actions" on any invoice or visit the "My Data" section in settings. From there, you can export your complete transaction history.

Step 5: Disconnect your Safe wallet from Request Finance

When you finish using your Safe wallet, it's recommended to disconnect it from Request Finance. To do this, go to the connected wallet option by clicking on your profile located on the top right-hand corner of the Request Finance platform. Once the pop-up window appears, you can safely disconnect your Qredo wallet by clicking on 'disconnect.'

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to batch pay invoices using your Safe wallet with Request Finance. 

To summarize what we have learned, check out this quick 2 minute video tutorial that shows you how to batch pay invoices using Safe wallet with Request Finance. 👇

Pay batch invoices in crypto using Safe wallet (with Request Finance)

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