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Introducing: Partners & Perks

Get exclusive discounts on various apps and service providers we partner with: from crypto accounting, security audits, or DeFi insurance.

September 26, 2023

This new section curates various apps and service providers that we think Web3 CFOs and freelancers will find helpful. Whether you need crypto accounting, security audits, DeFi insurance, or other services, you can find them in the “Partners & Perks” section.

Currently, we’ve partnered with four service providers:

We’re continuing to bring more partners on board soon! 

To learn more about the various partners and discounts available, visit: 

How does it work?

We’ve partnered with these service providers to provide you with exclusive discounts. 

We earn a small commission each time you sign up with any one of these services, but at no additional cost to you. In fact, you’ll save money by using our “Partners & Perks” section. 

Plus, you’ll also be supporting the development of Request Finance, the app that helps thousands of Web3 teams simplify and automate crypto payroll, expenses, and invoices.

Where can I see the list of partners?

To access the “Partners & Perks” section, simply log in to your Request Finance account and click on the “Partners & Perks” tab on the left sidebar. You’ll see a list of categories and service providers that you can browse and select from. 

Once you find a service that you’re interested in, click on “Get started”, and follow the instructions to sign up and claim your discount.

How can I be a featured partner?

We spend a lot of time exploring all the possible ways we can help teams simplify the financial operations of running a Web3 company. We hope you enjoy the new “Partners & Perks” section and find it useful. 

If you are interested in partnering with us, and being featured in the app, reach out to us via the Intercom button (on the bottom right corner) of our app!

If you have any questions or feedback on the partners we work with, please let us know. We’re always looking for ways to improve our app for teams getting paid in crypto.

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