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Introducing Roles & Permissions for DAOs and Crypto Teams

Request Finance app now offers team roles & permissions, enabling crypto finance teams to add members and customize access levels to manage invoices, payroll, and expenses securely.

March 23, 2023

Hey Request enthusiasts,

Going from a small team to a larger organization, often requires extra hands on deck to help manage your crypto treasury operations.

Request Finance was designed to help everyone simplify and automate crypto invoices, payroll, and expenses - from individual DAO contributors, to large teams like Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Fantom Foundation.

That’s why we're proud to announce the launch of Roles & Permissions. It lets you easily add team members to your Request Finance account, and customize their access levels to ensure the security of sensitive data. 

As you grow, you can take your team’s crypto treasury operations to the next level with Request Finance.

Why we developed it

We had a lot of users who told us how much their finance teams needed a better way to collaborate in the app - without having to share access to a common company account.  

Previously, Web3 CFOs had to give their other team members, or external advisors like accountants access to the login credentials of their company account in Request Finance. But this can be problematic for governance and security reasons.

A HR manager should not be necessarily able to change the corporate information, or crypto wallet addresses of the organization. Or teams might not want to share login information with an external accountant.

We took inspiration from traditional enterprise banking and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It will allow you to add team members with different roles, and permissions. 

This should allow you to collaborate more efficiently with your team to manage your crypto treasury operations, while not compromising security with shared logins. You can also optimize individual workflows based on the responsibilities of your team, so they can focus on what they need most.

Watch a 2-minute video walkthrough of Roles & Permissions here.

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What roles are available?

There are four roles available that can be assigned to a team member: Admins, Finance Manager, Accountant, and Approver. 

Roles & Permissions for DAOs & Crypto Teams

Admin: has access to all sections and can perform all actions. It's the same role that the user that created the Request Finance account has. There must be at least one Admin on the account. Only the Admin can add new payment methods (a wallet or bank account where you receive your funds when someone pays your invoice), change company information or manage team members.

Finance Manager: has access to manage and create invoices, bills, payroll, expenses, clients, and employees. This role can also approve and pay bills and expenses, export data and manage accounting integrations. However, the Finance Manager cannot add new payment methods (a crypto wallet address, or bank account where you receive your funds when someone pays your invoice) or manage team members. 

Accountant: has access to view invoices, bills, payroll, expenses, clients, and employees and export data. This role can also manage accounting integrations. 

Approver: has access to view and approve bills and expenses. 

You can also view the full table of permissions for each role here.

How much will it cost?

The app will remain free to use for small teams and freelancers getting paid in crypto.

We've introduced a flexible pricing plan that grows with you. Choose a plan based on: (i) the monthly crypto payments volume of your team, and (ii) the number of people on your finance team

Usure which is right for you? Try any plan for free, for 14 days.

Let us do the heavy lifting. Our team of ex-accountants and CFOs can help walk you through your entire crypto financial operation stack, and even speak with your accountants and auditors.

Schedule a free consultation with our team today!

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