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InvoiceMe: Send Pre-filled Invoice Templates to Suppliers, Save Time and Avoid Errors

July 20, 2021

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A common nuisance companies experience with invoices is the exchange of billing information such as VAT number or contact details.

Mistakes sometimes occur in an invoice with the company’s name, Tax ID (VAT), billing or email address. Consequently, the invoice needs to be cancelled and a new one would be requested. This can cause a delay in processing payments which is never a great experience for both the payer and the issuer.

Introducing “InvoiceMe” – send pre-filled invoice templates with your business info to your suppliers to save time and avoid errors.

As the payer, you can now easily share your business information with your suppliers, contractors, employees, grantees, and freelancers, so that they can invoice you in just a few clicks. Below is an example of how an issuer will receive a pre-filled invoice template.

Sharing your InvoiceMe link to your suppliers will automatically create an invoice that’s already pre-filled with your business information. Your suppliers will just need to fill out the rest of the invoice content such as the payment method, description of the services or products, price and quantity.

Ready to try InvoiceMe?

Grab your shareable link here:

(or log in to your Account, click on the user icon at the bottom left, and click on “Invoice Me”)

Happy invoicing! 🖖

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