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Keep accounting in your native currency, do business in digital currencies

July 29, 2020

“Digital currencies seem great for international payments, but they aren’t supported by my accounting software”.

This phrase is something we have heard time and time again when speaking to crypto curious businesses.

That’s why for Request Invoicing we took a new approach. One that fits the needs of accountants, while keeping the benefits of cryptocurrency payments.

How does it work?

Indeed, cryptocurrency accounting is not supported by most major accounting suites.

So instead of letting businesses specify the amount they want to receive only in cryptocurrency, we now let the business denominate an invoice in USD, EUR or GBP & more. These invoices can then be easily imported to third party software for accounting purposes.

While the invoices are denominated in the currencies above, the payment of the invoice itself is completely fulfilled in cryptocurrency merging the 2 worlds and unlocking businesses to harness the next generation of money.

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