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Need a receipt of your paid cryptocurrency invoice? PDF exports are now supported

August 21, 2020

The beauty of blockchain-based invoicing is that there is a single source of truth often referred to as triple-entry bookkeeping.

However, it’s sometimes valuable to get a receipt which you can easily share to those that don’t have access to your Request Invoicing dashboard.

It’s now possible to export any paid invoice issued through Request Invoicing in PDF format as a downloadable receipt. This way, a receipt of your paid crypto invoices can be shared or imported in the same nature as traditional invoices, removing barriers along the way.

Why offer exports in PDF?

Invoices created through Request Invoicing are stored & time stamped on-chain, which is industry terminology to indicate that the invoice data (including its payment status) is made available on a public ledger.

To ensure only you and the person you’re sending the invoice to can access this data, we’ve implemented an encryption feature earlier this month. This makes your data private while using a public ledger like Ethereum.

For the occasions where you’d want to share/print/import a receipt of your invoice(s) but have no incentive to grant access to your private data, PDF works wonders.

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After your invoice has been paid by the recipient, a button appears above your invoice which allows you to get a receipt in PDF form. Click it once to start the download.

Above shows an example of what a receipt looks like. It contains valuable data for your business based on the most recent on-chain status of the invoice while exporting. This data includes:

  • - Business information
  • - Paid amount
  • - Link to payment transaction(s) on Etherscan
  • - Miscellaneous information (notes, etc.)

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