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Pay Multiple Crypto Invoices with Batch Payment

With Request Finance, Businesses can pay multiple recipients simultaneously instead of having to pay every invoice individually.

June 4, 2021

👋 Request enthusiasts,

In April, we asked our users which feature should be built next for Request Finance. They voted with REQ tokens on our Snapshot page, and we listened.

Now, the most voted feature is available: batch payment, i.e. mass payment or mass payout. Businesses can pay multiple recipients simultaneously instead of having to pay every invoice individually.

With batch payment, users save a great deal of time and expense. Paying numerous invoices at once will be cheaper than the sum of each invoice paid separately.

At the moment, batch payment works only with the Gnosis Safe wallet and ERC20 tokens that are supported by Request Finance.

Start with batch payment now:

1) Log in to your Request Finance account

2) Log in to your Gnosis Safe

3) In your Safe, go to Apps, and add Request Finance as a Safe App

4) Click ‘Batch Payment’ at the top right of your screen

5) Select all or the specific ‘Approved’ invoices you wish to pay

6) Click ‘Pay Now’ and follow the rest of the instructions to process payment

Let us know if you have any questions and tell us your experience with the batch payment feature. Stay tuned for more product updates to come!

Other updates:

  • 🛠 14 bug fixes, UI & UX improvements. We’re committed to providing our users a great experience with invoicing.

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