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Preventing Duplicate Payments In Crypto

Safeguarding our users from human error through thoughtful UX design, is one of the top priorities on our to-do list.‍ One way we do this is by preventing duplicate payments in crypto.

August 26, 2022

User experience, or UX, is often an afterthought in the design of DeFi applications. 

That’s a problem - especially as more enterprises start using crypto. Over 2,000 web3 teams already use our app to pay over $220m in salaries, bonuses, expense reimbursements, and invoices in crypto. 

UX design is more than just making an interface look and feel good. More importantly, poorly designed user experiences can result in costly human errors. 

Safeguarding our users from human error through thoughtful UX design, is one of the top priorities on our to-do list.

One way we do this is by preventing duplicate payments in crypto.

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What are Duplicate Payments?

A duplicate payment is an additional payment made to a vendor that a company has already paid. 

These are unnecessary payments that have to be either written off as losses, or more commonly treated as vendor credit for future transactions.

How Do Duplicate Payments Happen?

Handling finances at any company is already stressful. But processing payouts like invoices requires tremendous focus and attention to detail, especially in crypto. 

Because at the smart contract level, there is nothing that prevents duplicate payments

Users can initiate and sign off on multiple payments to the same wallet address. This is incredibly easy to do especially on wallets like MetaMask.

For instance, when a company wants to pay an invoice in Request Finance, they click on “Pay Now”, initiating a transaction which users are prompted to approve on their blockchain wallet like MetaMask.

For various reasons such as poor internet connection, a user might refresh the page while the payment is pending, or have multiple tabs opened for the same transaction.

Clicking the “Pay Now” button several times this way can initiate duplicate transactions for the same invoice.

How We Prevent Duplicate Payments in Crypto

As soon as a user makes a payment, the payment button changes to show “Payment In Progress”, and will not be clickable.

Even if the user refreshes the page, they will be served with a popup notification that warns the user that an existing payment is in progress.

We monitor the associated transaction on the blockchain to check for payment failures, in which case we will let the user pay again. 

This duplicate payment prevention feature applies to all payment types in Request Finance - invoices, salaries, and even when using the batch payments feature.

We’re always working to make crypto payments easier, safer, and better for enterprises.

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