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Request Finance enables crypto invoices, payroll, and more on Moonbeam

February 2, 2023

For 2023, the Request Finance team is working to add more new features for Web3 teams to better manage their approval and crypto payment workflows, on/off ramps, and support for more wallets, blockchains, and tokens.

Cross-chain interoperability is also one of the key challenges to be solved in order to drive the adoption of crypto payments. That’s why Request Finance already supports crypto payments in over a 100 different tokens, and 10+ blockchain networks

But while many faster, cheaper, Layer 1 alternatives to Ethereum have been fielded, compatibility with the Ethereum network has remained critical. 

Supporting Crypto Payments On Moonbeam

In line with this mission, the Request Finance team is pleased to announce that it has now added support for crypto payments on Moonbeam, an EVM-compatible parachain on Polkadot. Adding support for Moonbeam in Request Finance allows Web3 teams to enjoy a faster, cheaper way to manage their team’s payroll and expenses, as well as invoices in crypto.

Simply connect your Metamask, or any Moonbeam compatible wallet to start making payments in Request Finance.

Here’s a quick demonstration of how you can send a crypto invoice to be paid on the Moonbeam network.

Try sending and paying crypto invoices on Moonbeam today, or schedule a demo to learn more.

Simplify crypto payments for your business today

Invoicing, payroll & expenses for Web3 businesses & freelancers.

About Request Finance

There already exists a wide array of enterprise software tools for Web2 companies to manage their financial operations on traditional finance rails. From apps for small businesses like Xero, Quickbooks, and Expensify, to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like SAP or Oracle Netsuite for larger multinational corporations.

But these legacy Web2 tools are typically unable to read and categorize blockchain data, or interact with smart contract wallets and dApps. 

Request Finance is on a mission to simplify self-custodial crypto payments for Web3 teams and companies. Starting out as a standalone crypto invoicing tool, it has now become a fuller suite of apps with features like on-chain payment notifications, token swaps, escrow smart contracts, and more.

Not only does it allow Web3 teams to automate and manage expenses, payroll and more in crypto, the data can be easily exported to accounting and financial reporting apps as well.

Over $273 million in crypto payments have been processed in the app, since launching in January 2021. To date, it has been used by over 2,300 teams including Aave, The Sandbox, and Decentraland to simplify their crypto payments.


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