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Taking volatility out of crypto businesses with Dai invoice payments

July 14, 2020

There are many international payment opportunities when it comes to cryptocurrency, but getting your business invoices paid in them as a freelancer/company is a challenge when factoring in the high volatility of crypto assets. This is where stablecoins reign supreme.

All users of Request Invoicing now have the ability to get their invoices paid directly in Dai – one of the premier stablecoins created by MakerDAO as a digital alternative to the US dollar ($).

How it works

As a user of Request Invoicing, you can now create invoices denominated in US dollars, Euros or Great British Pounds for accounting purposes, while getting paid in Dai.

To start receiving Dai professionally, all you have to define is the currency you want to be paid in. Along with this, any wallet address that supports Dai (including exchanges with Dai wallets such as Coinbase) can be used to receive funds.

Once the invoice has been created, all that’s left is for your client/customer to pay the invoice.

Simple as that.

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