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Tres Finance becomes a Gold Sponsor for Web3CFO Club

Tres Finance, a crypto accounting solution partners with the Web3CFO Club as a Gold Partner, a community of C-Level executives of the web3 industry.

May 18, 2023

Tres Finance, a crypto accounting solution partners with the Web3CFO Club as a Gold Partner, a community of 500+ C-Level executives of the web3 industry. With this partnership, the Web3CFO club, will be further educating and showcasing Tres Finance’s solution to its members to set up their financial back office and scale their financial operations and reporting using crypto. As a Gold Sponsor, Tres Finance gains a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and contribute to the advancement digital assets accounting. 

"We are members of many CFO communities out there, but what the Web3CFO Club have built is extraordinary."  said Tal Zackon, CEO & Co-Founder of Tres Finance.

This unique partnership is first of all for the community. Collaborating with the club includes new and exciting initiatives which will change the way finance teams account, audit and report for their activities. The main objective is to share our expertise and contribute to this growing ecosystem.”

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About Tres Finance

Tres Finance, a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has built a unique infrastructure known as the first Web3 financial data lake. On top of the infrastructure Tres offers key financial applications to serve finance team such as accounting, audit and reporting features.. In 2022, Tres raised $7.6 million in a seed round led by Boldstart Ventures, with investors including F2, New Form Capital, Blockdaemon Ventures, Alchemy, Moonpay, Circle and angel investors such as Fireblocks’s CEO Michael Shaulov and Chainalysis’s CEO Michael Gronager, amongst others.

Tres Finance provides the operating system to convert the complex blockchain data from wallets, exchanges, and custodians into accounting softwares to facilitate digital assets reporting, audits and tax filings. As traditional accounting softwares do not accommodate for cryptocurrencies, a solution like Tres Finance provides the sub-ledger for companies using crypto to properly extract, organize and label their onchain transactions, before subsequently exporting them in these traditional accounting softwares, like Quickbooks, Xero, Oracle Netsuite. 

To date, Tres has monitored and analyzed more than $65 billion of crypto assets for customers like Halborn, Quicknode and SKALE. To demonstrate to its clients of the same rigorous compliance and security standards as traditional financial services companies, Tres also completed the SOC 2 and SOC 1 audits.

About Web3CFO Club

The Web3CFO Club is a community of C-Level executives of the web3 industry, including, CFOs, CEOs and Founders to share best practices around web3 operations and finance. Created by Request Finance, the club today boasts 500+ members from companies like Aave, The Graph Foundation, The Sandbox, Messari, Ledger, Near Foundation, Rarible and many more. 

This is an exclusive club where CFOs can network with like minded individuals and get recommendations on the emerging web3 tooling. Our selective approach to accepting applications means only C-Suite highly educated web3 leaders have the ability to join. We also improve visibility of our members’ offerings and help drive their thought leadership on socials, webinars and in person events.

With a focus on promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the club enables its members to drive innovation, shape industry standards, and win over their web3 financial operations.

What this sponsorship means 

Choosing the right crypto accounting solution is one of the most important software decisions a web3 CFO can make. Today many CFOs are still using excel spreadsheets and block explorers like Etherscan to manage their thousands of on-chain transactions spread across wallets and exchanges. Unfortunately, as these web3 projects scale, their bookkeeping can quickly turn out of hand. 

In an attempt to educate the new CFOs transitioning from web2 to web3, we’ve previously covered How to Choose A Crypto Accounting Solution and How to Set up a Web3 Finance Function, with the CFOs of Ledger, Gelato and Request Finance sharing their experience. 

Through sponsorships, companies can have exclusive opportunities to share their thought leadership to our members on web3 FinOps at in person and virtual events. Our sponsorships are available to our members only, and are offered in 3 different tiers - Bronze, Silver & Gold. For more information, our members can reach to us in our chat group. 


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