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Learn how the multi-chain analytics and visualization platform manages their grants and bounty payments in crypto using Request Finance.


DappLooker, an analytics and visualization platform for blockchain networks, faced significant challenges in managing financial operations in crypto. Before using Request Finance, the process was mostly handled through different channels like email or messaging. That made it hard to keep track of outstanding payments, statuses, and various PDF invoices. 

The lack of a centralized system led to inefficiencies and difficulties in managing crypto transactions.


Request Finance provided DappLooker with a clean and simple dashboard to manage all crypto transaction records in one place. 

Their accounts and management team uses Request Finance to manage all of their company’s crypto payments. DappLooker uses the app both to make, and receive crypto payments for things like bounties, grants that they are awarded, or to receive hackathon prizes. 

One of the features that they love the most in Request Finance is the “Invoice Me” feature which lets us send a link to their partners with their billing details already filled in. 

Pay and get paid in time

Since DappLooker started using Request Finance, they’ve had a proper, professional-looking platform to send invoices to their community of users and partners. It's also made it very easy for them to accept crypto payments in a wide range of different token types, and payment networks. 

The automated reminders for upcoming payments due is also incredibly helpful in ensuring they pay, and get paid on time. 

Simple, easy to use

Everyone knows dApps in web3 are notorious for having a poor user experience. 

In contrast, the simplicity and ease of use stood out to the team immediately when they first started using Request Finance. It has a clean and simple dashboard to manage all of their crypto transaction records in one place. 

The team also almost never find themselves unable to accept or make payments in a particular token or chain, with 150+ number of crypto tokens and 18+ blockchain networks supported on Request Finance. 

Free and quick setup 

The DappLooker team first learned of Request Finance when they received a grant from Celo Foundation, and they asked us to send them an invoice using the app. They didn’t need to explore any other options since, as it fulfilled all their requirements. Better still, Request Finance is free to use for issuers, so the choice for them was clear.

The onboarding was pretty fast to get started with, with no training required.

Abhinav Singh, Co-founder of DappLooker,  summarized how Request Finance simplifies crypto payments and billing for the blockchain analytics and visualization platform:

Everyone knows dApps in web3 are notorious for having a poor user experience. In contrast, the simplicity and ease of use stood out to us immediately when we first started using Request Finance. It provides us with a clean and simple dashboard to manage all of our crypto transaction records in one place. This resonates with our mission at DappLooker - to empower everyone to easily understand and visualize blockchain data.”‍

About DappLooker 

“Build in public” is a mantra that is now commonly heard within the web3 community. The growing popularity of decentralized apps, or dApps built on top of public blockchains has enabled a new age of transparency in the internet economy. But data is only as good as people’s ability to make meaningful sense of it. 

Therein lies the barrier to transparency in the web3 age. Understanding blockchain data is hard, and converting that into useful insights is even harder. In addition, actually building in public demands a considerable commitment of precious time and resources from project teams. But protocol and dApp developers already have their hands full with the enormous task of shipping their main protocol features on time. That often means that building in public with analytics and reporting tends to take a backseat.

That’s why Abhinav Singh decided to build DappLooker from his apartment in Pune, India. Abhinav founded DappLooker with the goal of making blockchain data accessible, so that even non-technical users can easily create charts and dashboards to visualize information. The team is on a mission to empower everyone to easily understand smart contract data, perform analytics and easily build beautiful charts and dashboards.

DappLooker is an analytics and visualization platform for blockchain networks, and the decentralized applications, or dApps building on top of them.  The platform makes analyzing blockchain data simple with the aid of an easy-to-use visual editor. More technically-skilled users with programming know-how can also run SQL queries on smart contract and subgraph data, or build charts and dashboards which can be shared with the community.

It helps anyone to easily extract and visualize important information about blockchains and dApps is what It’s multi-chain, easy-to-use platform allows teams to access and understand on-chain data without the need for technical expertise. Developers, too, need to be able to access data and smart contract analytics to inform their work in building decentralized applications on different networks. 

Since launching officially in May 2021, DappLooker has 60+ dApps registered with millions of users, with 200+ dashboards and 1000+ charts built to date. Noteworthy dashboards built with DappLooker include the Moonbeam & Moonriver staking dashboards. Currently supported networks include Ethereum, Polygon, Moonbeam, Celo, Casper, xDai and many more.


The DappLooker team has also received funding and support from notable projects like Moonbeam, Celo Foundation, Near Foundation, Aave Grants DAO, SubQuery Network, and Connext. 

Building a more robust product and community is a priority for the DappLooker team in the coming months. On the product side, Abhinav is eager to onboard even more dApps and blockchain networks. To strengthen the community, the team plans to introduce an incentive mechanism to reward users for their analytics activity.

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